We have a chalice, stories, crayons, yarn, glue, songs to sing and lessons to learn! We are in need of children!

The Children’s Education Program has been gearing up for the past few months and is in place. Our program is based on Human Values of Love, Truth, Non-Violence & Knowledge. Lessons include teachings from Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Native American & other earth-based religions as well as from history and, of course from the UU tradition & principles.

Our goal is to provide a safe place for children to explore and question in order to find and strengthen their spiritual path. Through song & voice, creativity with minds & hands and through quiet, still moments, children will begin to learn and trust the voice within them.

Presently, class is scheduled for one Sunday a month but as commitment from parents grows we can easily move toward multiple Sundays. Please feel free to share this with parents who might be interested. They can call Linda Rowe at 532-9999 for questions or more information.

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