The Houlton Coffeehouse
Now in its 23rd year at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Houlton

image ch-sign1.jpg - painting by Catherine Torchia
A forum
for local singers, musicians, poets,
storytellers and other creative artists.

Join us from 7 to 9:30pm
on the "Teenth" Saturday of every month for some wonderful entertainment as well as coffee, tea and goodies.

image ch-sign2.jpg  - painting by Catherine Torchia

Contact Dave at the church for more information.

Jan 14

Game Night

It's Open-Mic and Game Night at Houlton Coffeehouse this Saturday night. Bring one of your favorite board or card games to play with friends (or meet new friends) and enjoy one of our custom drinks at the espresso bar. Open-mic starts at 7PM for aspiring musicians, poets and writers. Come early to sign up

After Open-Mic we are showing Tony Bennett's 2012 film "The Zen of Bennett" in the cafe. Bennett sings duets with Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones.

Menu at The Cup Café:
Tomato Bisque
Lentil Soup (with kielbasa option)
Salted Caramel Lattes

some of our previously featured performers...
Lewis Wirta
Lewis Wirta - photo by Bruce Glick
May '08
The Music Men
March '06
Still Standing  (poster by Susan York
February '06
Larry McKimmy
December '05
Brotherhood Song
October '05
The Blue State Boys (poster by Susan York)
September '05
Flat Soda (poster by Susan York)
March '05 Celtic Aire (poster by Susan York)
December '04 Kim Langille (poster by Susan York)
October '04 Raspberry Marme Lade and the Jam Band (poster by Susan York)
June '04 Hooda Hecka Polka Band (poster by Susan York)
May '04 Carol Ayoob and the Psychadelicates (poster by Susan York)
March '04 Celtic Aire (poster by Susan York)
February '04
January '04
December '03
November '03
October '03
September '03
Dale-Ann Ivey (poster by Susan York)
June '03
April '03
Carol Ayoob (poster by Susan York)
March '03
Heavenly Harpers of Houlton (poster by Susan York)
February '03
Marcel- Quarelli(9905 bytes) (poster by Susan York)
January '03
 Boundary Lakes Quartet (poster by Susan York)
November '02
Nancy McMannus  (poster by Susan York)
October '02
Celtic Aire  (poster by Susan York)
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