Unitarian Concert Series
Saturday Evening,   November 12,   7PM
61 Military Street   Houlton, Maine

Starcrossed Losers

We are pleased to announce that Starcrossed Losers of Portland, Maine are performingon the Sanctuary Stage on Saturday evening, November 12 at 7PM.
The Losers are aversatile band with a Beatlesque feel and contagious youthful enthusiasm.
Starcrossed Losers is the music of Kyle Morgan, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist,based in Portland, ME, whose dynamic performances range in style from stripped-downacoustic balladry and love-lorn parlor laments to old-school rock’n'roll and gritty gypsyblues.Starcrossed Losers shifts between this energetic, reaching and seizing of life,and a much more reflective, sorrowful, introspective folk/balladry in the tradition of TomWaits, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan. Language is as much a part of Starcrossed Losersas rhythm and melody. Morgan's songs are documentation of an ongoing spiritualinvestigation: authentic prayers, longings, lamentations, hopes and dreams. Weavingtogether these seemingly disparate musical forms with a voice at once emotive andplayful, Morgan's songs reflect the angst and longing of spirits bound by human form:Starcrossed Losers.

Tickets are available at:
the County Co-Op and The Cup Cafe.
$20 At The Door
$18 Advance
Children Under 12 Free