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Newsletter - May 2003

First Church of Houlton,

61 Military St.
Houlton, ME 04730


The efflux of the soul is happiness, here is happiness,
I think it pervades the open air, waiting at all times
Now it flows unto us, we are rightly charged.
                        - Walt Whitman

Summer is here. Although the official start of the summer is still a couple of weeks away, there is no disputing the long lines at the Houlton Farms Dairy Bar and a solid population of insect life!! It's been a good year at the Unitarian Society of Houlton, but our church year is rapidly coming to a close and the summer looms before us. Don't miss a moment of what Whitman calls the "efflux of the soul." You'll see some of our summer activities listed below. Stay in touch.

I will not be keeping my regular office hours during the summer, but I am always available via church phone, voice mail (446-6858) or   (for emergencies or coffee and conversation).


June 1
The last Sunday service of the church year will be our traditional flower communion service. Please bring a fresh cut flower to contribute to the communion basket. We will also dedicate our new banner in the sanctuary. This is a commissioned work commemorating our centennial year. Please come and join us for this special service. Following the service we will again have our bubble blowing celebration on the front lawn. Following that we'll be heading to the Rheinlander's for our end of year barbecue.
June 6-7
Rummage Sale in the church basement.
June 7
Meditation group in the Parlor
June 8
Party at Fred Brown's home in Armond, NB. Check with Fred for details.
June 14
Coffeehouse in the basement, 7-9:30pm. Lewis Wirta and Terry Levesque playing fiddle, bango and guitar music.
June 18
Hike on Maliseet trail to see the falls in the spring! Be prepared for blackflies and mosquitos. A second official hike after church resumes in the fall. Check with Robin or L.T. We will leave from the church at 2pm with bag lunches and netting/DEET.
June 21
Summer Solstice celebration the home of Kim Forest and Mark Boutilier in Hodgdon. For directions and time see Kim at "The Gallery" in the Main Street Emprorium in downtown Houlton or ask Dave.
June 26-30 General Assembly of the UUA in Boston. Dave, Sue, Bruce, Ann and Karen will be attending.
July 20
Fun at Drews Lake - Pot luck, games, kayaking at the Hogan's 11am (no earlier please) More details from the Hogans or Dave.
July 26
Coffeehouse at the Houlton Amphitheater in conjuntion with "Arts in the Park" sponsored by SACAP
Aug 2
Meditation group (location TBA)
Aug 3
Breakfast at Grammy's followed by (optional) bike ride.
Aug 10
Gulf Hagas hike. This is a full day excursion. Be prepared to leave from the church EARLY. Check with Dave or Karen for details.
Aug 16
Coffeehouse in the basement, 7-9:30pm
Aug 22-24
National Folk Festival in Bangor - Many of us enjoyed this event last year!
Sept 7
Church resumes

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