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Newsletter - May 2004

First Church of Houlton,

61 Military St.
Houlton, ME 04730


There are things you can't reach. But
you can reach out to them, and all day long.
The wind, the bird flying away. The idea of God.
I look; morning to night I am never done with looking.

    - from "Why I Wake Early" by Mary Oliver

Earlier this week I was drinking a cup of tea and happened to be reading the label on the side of the tea can. (Isn't it funny how your eyes automatically wander to anything with words on it?! I have memorized more cereal boxes in my lifetime than I care to admit!!) In case you haven't noticed, tea boxes and cans have become quite philosophical lately. This particular can said, "Life is impossible and so what? It is in its very impossibility that we find our joy. The life of tea is the life of the moment. We only have Now, and we each sip it in our own cups."

Life is so full and alive this time of year that it's impossible to take it all in. The flowers are blooming, insects are active and the grass is growing faster than we can mow it!! To lead a spiritual life is to be continually open to everything going on; in nature, in politics and in our selves. That's why it may seem like an impossible task. Yet, no effort is ever wasted in this kind of reflection. Mary Oliver says that, in spite of the odds against us, we need to keep reaching and keep looking. The immensity of the divine is all around us. It is moving beneath our feet, flying in the sky and waiting to be read about as we sit quietly enjoying a cup of tea…

Enjoy your summer!!

I will not be keeping my regular office hours during the summer, but I am always available via church phone, voice mail (446-6858) or (for emergencies or coffee and conversation).

        - In Ministry,     DAVE

On Sunday, May 9th we finally got to meet our NED Small Church Specialist, Jane Dwinnell. She spoke on "Small is Beautiful", presented us with a book for our library, "The Indispensable Guide for Smaller Churches" by David R. Ray, and stayed afterward to talk with us and answer our questions.

During the past year Tanya Pasquarelli, Richard Silliboy and Al Negri have signed our membership book and at our Sunday service on May 16th we officially welcomed them into our church family.

A group of us (singing board members) recently did a sound test of the new amplification system in the sanctuary and we were impressed! We are looking forward to the service on Sunday, to dedicate and put it to use.

We are in the process of filling the Fall schedule for Sunday services. As usual David will be conducting 2 services each month and the remainder are done by lay leaders. The sign-up sheet will be available for prospective service leaders to claim their Sunday. Our In-gathering Service will be conducted by David on September 12.

In the meantime, despite our busy schedules we do want to stay connected with one another so take a look at the calendar and see if you would like to join us on one of our outings. If you don't want to go along perhaps you would like to join us for breakfast.

Our traditional flower communion service is Sunday, May 30. Please bring a fresh cut flower to contribute to the communion basket. This Unitarian tradition originated in 1923 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Dr. Norbert Capek asked his parishioners to bring and receive flowers as a symbol of their shared life as a spiritual community. We are also dedicating our new sound system. We have never sounded better!! Once again we will be blowing bubbles on the front lawn after the service followed by a picnic on the premises (weather permitting). Please bring something to grill on the BBQ.
If you haven't completed one of our questionnaire/surveys yet, there is still time. (but not much) We have set a deadline of June 15th. You may e-mail your response to or mail it in the traditional manner to the Houlton Unitarian Church, 61 Military Street. We will have results of the survey for the congregation upon resumption of services in the Fall.
There will not be a coffeehouse in July or August. We are taking the summer off!! Coffeehouse will resume in September in grand fashion.
We want to thank everyone for their financial support of the church this year. Although we won't be having formal services during the summer, we continue to have many of our usual expenses (minister's salary, utilities, insurance, etc). We encourage you to mail your summer offerings (checks only, please) to us at 652 Back Ridge Road, Littleton ME 04730. Have a great summer!   -   Bruce and Sue Glick
  • to John Pasquarelli for researching, ordering, coordinating and putting in hours of work installing the new sound system.
  • to all the volunteers who also put considerable time into the project.
  • to LT Rheinlander for his gift of a commercial coffee machine for our "coffee room".
  • to the (indoor and outdoor) clean-up crew for their morning's work last Saturday

    May 30
    Sunday service - Rev. David Hutchinson, Flower Communion service.
    June 11 & 12
    Rummage Sale on the Church Lawn and in the Basement
    June 19
    Board Meeting at 4pm
    June 19
    Coffeehouse in the Basement - featured will be the Hooda-Hecka Polka Band, aka the Happy Wanderers.
    June 27
    Sunday Sharing Service in the parlor at 10:00am - a chance to get together and share. Bring snacks!
    July 18
    Canoeing and Kayaking on Hodgdon Mill pond - We'll meet at the landing (near the Dairy Bar) at 10:00am. Bring your lunch!
    August 8
    Hike to Jackson Falls (on the way to Woodstock)- Meet at the Elm Tree Diner at 9:00am - Contact LT for more info
    August 15
    South Branch Pond outing (in the north end of Baxter Park) - an opportunity to hike, paddle or just picnic at lakeside. Meet at the Brookside Inn at 7:30 for breakfast.
    August 29
    Church retreat at the Monticello Fish and Game Club starting at 9:00am. All are welcome for fun and food, as we plan for our upcoming church year. More details and directions coming later.
    September 12
    In-gathering Service - Rev. David Hutchinson

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