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Newsletter - June 2015

Unitarian Universalist
Church of Houlton

61 Military St.
Houlton, ME 04730


"This is what you shall do; love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labour to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, have patience and indulgence toward the people, take off your hat to nothing known or unknown or to any person or number of persons, read these leaves in the open air every season of every year of your life, re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body.     - Walt Whitman

photo by revdav photo by revdav
I have a large black filing cabinet next to my desk in my office. Even though more and more of my files are electronic, I’m still finding good use for my traditional four drawer metal storage unit. One of its best features is its ability to attract magnets. Like most refrigerators in our kitchens, my filing cabinet has become an inadvertent display case for anything that will stick to it. One of my favorites is the “Quotable Magnet” series that features poetry and quotations from famous personalities. The Walt Whitman quote in today’s column is one such example. Whitman packs in a lifetime of sound advice into just one magnet.

As summer is approaching, the earth and the sun and the animals are inviting us to join them in feeling the energies of the season. It’s not enough to just think about it or look out the window at it; we must feel the very aliveness of our own body, mind and our being. And when we start to sense that wonder in our selves we begin to notice it everywhere. Whitman says that the motion of our own body in this amazing world is an expression of poetry at its best. And we aren’t the only person walking around as a poem - everyone is. The next time you smile at someone in the checkout line at the supermarket sense the unspoken poetry of the moment. Perhaps they’ll even smile back at you.

Smiling at life,   Dave

Last year our Board of Trustees (BOT) launched a campaign to increase our “social capital” which we defined as: The goodwill, fellowship, empathy, mutual support and social interaction of a community for the benefit of both the individuals and the community as a whole. It is exciting to see positive results from this campaign with good attendance to our meetings and events, new members taking on leadership rolls, increased financial strength and an increased feeling of group unity. We also continued to do important maintenance to our church building with a new roof on the back half and several smaller projects this last year.

Next year we would like to continue on this path and make even more gains in social capital as well as maintenance and improvements to our facility. I believe that these two things are linked and that by improving our facility to make it more attractive, comfortable, easy to use and easy to find we will increase our social capital. The BOT is considering a number of projects to improve handicap access, signage, landscaping, parking, driveways, drainage, snow removal, roof repair, foundation repair and numerous small repairs and upgrades. We are working to prioritize these projects within our financial constraints to meet the needs of our older members and historic building while making this a more attractive and pleasant place to be.

Recently we have taken a step to help people locate us by voting in the name “Unitarian Universalist Church of Houlton”. This will avoid the confusion of the half-dozen or so names that we have used in the past, make our church affiliation clear and be easy to find on the internet.

The goal of all this is to preserve our historic church and create a thriving Unitarian Universalist community here in Houlton. It is my greatest hope that we all join together to make this happen.

Your Moderator,   John Lloyd

Saturday Evening, June 6th at 6pm
This new documentary released on April 22 for Earth Day 2015 is a panoramic and timely account of our planet and the challenges that we face in coming years. Includes marvelous photography and interviews with some of the best scientific, environmental and spiritual thinkers of our generation. You can watch the trailer on Here is information about the film:

We are in the midst of a global crisis of perspective. We have forgotten the undeniable truth that everything is connected. PLANETARY is a provocative and breathtaking wakeup call, a cross continental, cinematic journey, that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species. PLANETARY is a poetic and humbling reminder that it's time to shift our perspective. PLANETARY asks us to rethink who we really are, to reconsider our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world around us - to remember that: we are PLANETARY. In a stunning visual exploration, the film interweaves imagery from NASA Apollo missions with visions of the Milky Way, Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas, and the cacophonous sounds of downtown Tokyo and Manhattan, with intimate interviews from renowned experts including astronauts Ron Garan and Mae Jemison (the first African American woman in space), celebrated environmentalist Bill McKibben, National Book Award winner Barry Lopez, anthropologist Wade Davis, to National Geographic Explorer Elizabeth Lindsey, and Head of the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu school, the 17th Karmapa. They shed new light on the ways our worldview is profoundly affecting life on our planet.

Directed by Guy Reid. Written and edited by Steve Watts Kennedy. Produced by Christoph Ferstad, Guy Reid and Steve Watts Kennedy. Executive Producers: Paul Hawken and Stephen Apkon. Featuring contributions from astronauts Ron Garan and Mae Jemison and an original score by Human Suits. The debut feature from Planetary Collective in association with Reconsider.

Our traditional flower communion service is Sunday, June 7th. Please bring a fresh cut flower to contribute to the communion basket. This Unitarian tradition originated in 1923 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Dr. Norbert Capek asked his parishioners to bring and receive flowers as a symbol of their shared life as a spiritual community. Please come and join us for this special service. Flashy shirts and splashy skirts are also encouraged for the festive and colorful occasion. Our cookout will take place at Lois and Roger Morin's this year. Please bring something to add to the pot-luck and a grill will also be available. There is a large lawn for games and a chess studio is also available if it rains. All are welcome and don't forget the bug spray!
There will be a 10AM service offered in the parlor on Sunday mornings during the summer. It will be a twenty to thirty minute service that includes readings, candles of joys and concerns and time for quiet reflection. It will also depend upon the creativity of the service leader, so who knows... If you are interested in leading a summer service there is a sign up list in the coffee room.
Saturday, July 11 in New Sweden   10am - 9pm
This is a great event for music lovers, food lovers and families, with over twelve bands appearing on the big stage at the Thomas Park amphitheater in New Sweden. You'll recognize such familiar names as The Ghost of Paul Revere, Gunther Brown, Putnam Smith and the organizer of the event, Travis Cyr. The Cup Cafe will also be there manning the coffee booth. For more information check out the Aroosakoostik Facebook page.
Dust off your hiking boots to Hike the Owl on Aug 1st (rain date Aug 29). The Owl is a 3,376 ft mountain just west of Mt. Katahdin. The hike to the summit is a moderate-strenuous 6.6 mile (round trip) hike that will take 5-6 hours. It has outstanding 360 degree views and the best views of the west face of Katahdin. Ray read that geologically, it was once part of Mt. Katahdin, split off by the Katahdin Stream. The trail passes spectacular cliffs and a giant balancing boulder. We will meet at the Katahdin Stream Campground parking lot at 6:00 am (no later than 6:30.) The parking lot fills up often by 6:30 am in August. We will picnic at the summit, so bring lunch and water (there is no water on the hike or at the campground). We plan to complete the day with dinner at 5 pm at Pelletier’s restaurant in Millinocket. If we have time between the Owl and Pelletier’s, there is a short (1 mile round trip) hike into Little Abol Falls we could do. For more info contact Audrey at 538-5285.
Please click here for the currently scheduled events.

An email discussion mailing list is a tool for a group of people to exchange messages via email. Any subscriber to the list can send messages that are received by all the subscribers, creating an email-based group conversation. The UU Houlton Community Yahoo Group has been created for members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Houlton. We currently have 26 members. Please take a look at the webpage.   If you'd find it useful and wish to join just click the "Join This Group" button. After entering your info, remember to click on "save changes" before leaving the page. You can contact Rev. Dave or Karen if you have questions or need further instructions.
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