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to the web pages of the Unitarian Society of Houlton, Maine. This church is the oldest continuing religious community in Houlton., dating back to 1805 when the first settlers arrived here, in what was then the wilderness of Northern Maine, from New Salem, Massachusetts.

We honor the tradition of liberal religious values set forth in the Statement of Unitarian Universalist Principles issued by the Unitarian Universalist Association in 1985:

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As a member congregation of the U.U.A. we strive to live this covenant both individually and as an affirming congregation. We seek and promote diversity and tolerance in all aspects of spiritual life. Our congregation is made up of members from many religious traditions. We affirm the importance of spiritual seeking in all our lives and we support one another’s journey, regardless of the path.

Our outreach here in Houlton supports efforts to speak out on behalf of all minorities. We have found that there is much more that sustains our common spirituality than separates our personal journeys.

We are a small congregation, but have very high energy. Everyone’s talents are shared to enrich us all. Every other Sunday our service is ‘lay led’. We are warmed by our shared experiences, our circle of friends around the parlor wood stove and the spirit of this space, this nearly one hundred year old unique brown church building passed on to us by generations of Unitarians before us.

We are encouraged, supported and affectionately led by our Pastor, The Reverend David Hutchinson. We meet every Sunday morning, year round at 10:00 A.M. Our services during summer months are slightly shorter and include readings, candles of joys and concerns, time for quiet reflection and a short talk led by one of our members. Please join us.

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